Membership & Contributions
Common Ravens
Common Ravens © Patrick Baglee


Benefits of Membership

Linnaean Society meetings and field trips are open to non-members, but the following are for members only:

  • Priority reservations on field trips.
  • Receive free the News-Letter and the Society’s other publications, Proceedings and Transactions, which contain longer articles and papers.
  • An open invitation to dinners with the speakers before regular meetings.
  • The right to post up to 30 natural history photos on this website's Members’ Photo Page.
  • An invitation for you and your guests to the Annual Dinner and Meeting each March, our gala celebration where the Society's awards are presented. Recent speakers have included John W. Fitzpatrick, David A. Sibley and Kenn Kaufman.
Membership Requirements

Persons interested in the natural sciences are invited to apply for membership in the Society. Each applicant for membership must be sponsored by a Member of the Society. Find a sponsor by attending a meeting or going on a field trip or by asking a friend or acquaintance who is a member. Applicants are considered by the Council and, when approved, are elected by the Members present at the next regular meeting.

  • Active Membership. Annual dues are $45, payable on receipt of the dues notice, which is normally mailed in the summer.
  • Supporting Membership. Annual dues are $100. A Supporting Membership provides additional funds to the Society to meet its expenses.
  • Associate Membership. Annual dues are $30. Open to persons living more than 50 miles from the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and to full-time students.
  • Life Membership. One-time dues are $800 (payable in no more than four equal installments). A Life Membership provides funds for an endowment to support Society activities.

To Apply…

use the active PDF form for Membership Application, then print and mail it to:

    The Linnaean Society of New York
    P.O. Box 4121
    New York, NY 10163-4121

Active, Supporting, and Life Members vote to elect the Society’s officers and Council members. The Society’s program year begins in September, and renewal dues are payable that month. Persons elected in March, April, or May may pay dues for the remainder of the first year at one-half the annual rates. Membership applications are not reviewed during June, July, and August. Membership dues support the activities of the Society, including its meetings, field trips, and the production of the News-Letter and other publications.

The Society’s By-Laws provide that the Council may permit a person who has been an Active or Supporting Member of the Society for at least twenty-five years (continuously) and has reached the age of sixty-five to pay half the annual Active Member dues, upon written application to the Treasurer.

The Society is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Dues are tax-deductible as provided by law. The Society's annual financial reports are published in the Proceedings. No officer of the Society receives any salary or honorarium. Periodically the Society grants awards, among them the Eisenmann Medal for excellence in ornithology and the encouragement of the amateur, and elects Honorary Members and Fellows.

To Renew…

You may use this active PDF form for your annual Membership Renewal. Please mail it in along with your check.


CWhite-breasted Nuthatch
White-breasted Nuthatch © James Muchmore

Contributions, whether or not earmarked for one of the funds listed below, are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible as provided by law.

  • Great Gull Island Fund, for support of ornithological research conducted on Great Gull Island (jointly with AMNH); and
  • Publications Fund, for support of the Society’s publications.

Send check payable to The Linnaean Society of New York and mail to:

The Linnaean Society of New York
Attn: Secretary
P.O. Box 4121
New York, NY 10163-4121

For membership inquiries: