Rare Bird Alert Information

RBA Online

Varied Thrush, Stuyvesant Town 12/17/2013 © Sherry Felix

A real-time, online checklist and data collection program for notable bird sightings.
By Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Audubon.

eBird Rare Bird Alerts

Current and archived New York Rare Bird Alerts

  • nysbirds-L — to access the email listserv for New York State
  • eBirds NYC — a Yahoo group for reporting wild bird sightings around NYC (join to access the email listserv)
  • citybirder — Rob Jett’s blog reports the New York RBA
    - with other useful birding information, especially for Brooklyn
  • Surfbirds’ NYSBirds-L — also reports The New York State email listserv
  • Birdingonthe.Net — posts rare bird alerts by location, for local sightings select EAST:NYC Area RBA: ...
  • American Birding Association (ABA) — posts rare bird alerts by location
  • Surfbirds — birding mail archives of other groups listings

Real time alerts for sightings in New York County or Central Park

RBA by Telephone

Bird sightings in the Greater New York area on a recorded phone message

This regularly updated rare bird alert is sponsored by The Linnaean Society of New York and the National Audubon Society. The alert describes unusual bird sightings in the Greater New York area on a recorded telephone message. Call...

  • 212-979-3070 — for bird sightings

To report a rare bird sighting by phone

  • 914-967-4922 — Tom Burke for New York City or Westchester
  • 631-734-4126 — Tony Lauro for Long Island

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