“Save the West Pond” Petition Submitted — 7/25/2014

The Birders’ Coalition for Gateway submitted the petition to “Save the West Pond” to Department of the Interior and National Park Service officials on Friday, July 25, 2014. There were 6311 signatures (most of them with comments) from across the United States and around the world.

The petition called for the prompt restoration of the West Pond at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge to its original freshwater state as well as the following: (1) seasonal control of the pond’s water level; (2) scientific management of the freshwater ecosystem; (3) maintenance of tern and terrapin nesting areas; (4) better trail system with access to wildlife viewing; (5) blinds for photography and educational groups; (6) invasive species control; (7) planting of trees and shrubs in the gardens; (8) interpretative signage and posting of rules; (9) adequate and trained refuge staff.

NPS Commissioner Joshua Laird responded to the petition, noting “This kind of input is extremely helpful… I believe we share many goals and that we will be able to work toward an excellent restoration plan.”