West Pond to Be Restored — 10/6/2015

On October 6, 2015, the National Park Service released its Environmental Assessment for all of Gateway National Recreation Area. Regarding the West Pond at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Superintendent Jennifer Nersesian stated that the “preferred alternative proposes to repair the primary and secondary breaches and the subsequent restoration of West Pond and the loop trail.” Additionally, this alternative would overhaul the existing water control structure and provide enhanced opportunities “for natural resource-based recreation such as birding and walking.”

Funding for the complete rehabilitation of the West Pond is to come largely from Federal Highway Administration monies. The EA does not provide a detailed timetable, but notes that the work will be done in phases, with repair of the breach and replacement of the water control structure forming phase one.

Open House — Thursday, October 22. From 6 – 8 pm

At the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center

Jamaica Bay Task Force Meeting — Thursday, October 29. From 6:30 – 9:00 pm

American Legion Hall - Post 1404
209 Cross Bay Blvd
Broad Channel, NY 11693

6:30 Introductions/Acknowledgements — Dan Mundy and Don Riepe

6:45 Habitat/Wetlands

  • Brief discussion of history/actions
  • Current Restoration Sites:
    Rulers Bar and Black Wall — Elisabeth Stoehr, ALS
  • Upcoming Restoration Sites:
    Sunset Cove — Elizabeth Jordan, NYC Parks;
    Spring Creek — Venetia Lannon, NYS DEC
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities — Pete Weppler, ACOE 

7:37 Water Quality

  • Brief History
  • Projects — John McLaughlin, NYC DEP
  • Monitoring — Keith Mahoney, NYC DEP
  • Marine Debris — Lisa Scheppke, ALS

8:10 Fish & Wildlife

  • Local Feedback on Fish Populations — Dan Mundy, JBE
  • Future Studies — Venetia Lannon, NYS DEC
  • Current Wildlife Population Trends and Concerns — Don Riepe, ALS
  • West Pond Update — Jen Nersesian, NPS

8:45 Question and Answer

All are invited to attend both meetings