The Linnaean Society of New York
The Linnaean Society of New York

The Linnaean Society of New York (LSNY) was founded in 1878 by a group of amateur and professional naturalists as an organization for people in the New York City area interested in natural history. Over the years the club has become primarily focused on birds and birding, but its members still have a strong interest in all aspects of natural history.

The Society usually meets at the American Museum of Natural History on the second Tuesday of every month from September through May, except March. These meetings are open to the public free of charge. The programs feature richly illustrated talks by naturalists and scientists, presenting, in layman's language, news from the frontiers of their fields.

Gull Heading for a Window in the Sky © Sherry Felix

Many of our more expert members lead field trips, mostly focused on birds but with some on plants, bats and butterflies. More than fifty trips are offered each year, ranging from bird walks in many of New York City’s parks to excursions by car to diverse seasonal hotspots in the tri-state area. Field trips are open to non-members if space permits.

An organization’s deepest aspirations are reflected in its highest award. The Linnaean Society’s highest award is the Eisenmann Medal, established in 1982. It is given to honor “excellence in ornithology and encouragement of the amateur,” aspirations the Society’s founding fathers would have endorsed.

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