Entertainment - Videos

The videos are mostly about birds from YouTube and were chosen because we found them interesting and entertaining. The Linnaean Society does not necessarily endorse everything shown or said in them and, of course, makes no endorsement at all of the products whose advertisements sponsor them on YouTube.

We welcome suggestions of videos to be included here. Select 1-4 videos and, for each, please send the exact title and author, and/or include the link (web address) to webmaster@linnaeannewyork.org with the subject “VIDEOS.”

Birding trip to Arizona, with the Linnaean Society of New York by Nikhil Patwardhan

A wonderful birding trip in the Phoenix area (not Tucson) led by Rick Wright.
We saw about 122 species of birds in 5 days in February 2014.

Fum and Gebra, 2012, The Return by fumandgebra.com

Fum was the cat and Gebra is the Barn Owl (Tyto alba). "Avui si" is sung in a Catalan.

Sandhill Cranes Performing Courtship Display by Alice Deutsch

“Yellow-breasted Chat in USP again” at Union Square Park by Alice Deutsch

Rainbow Starfrontlets by Alice Deutsch

Moonwalking Bird by sftubeguy

Clever Bird Goes Fishing by MrBeemBom

Man, goose form odd-couple friendship by CBS

Robotic smart bird flies like real gull by falcrum

Goshawk Flies through Tiny Space in Slo-Mo by BBC

Clouds by William Smock