North Woods Update: Loch Closures April 2016 — October, 2016

For those of you who have not already ventured into the North Woods in the past week or so, I wanted to notify you of recent developments. Phase 1 of the Ravine/Loch restoration project is now open. This means that you can once again enter the Ravine from the 100th St Pool path entrance that goes under Glen Span Arch. Phase 2 is now underway. This is the largest phase, and most of the Ravine waterway is fenced off. As with Phase 1, we will not be installing any sort of fence screening that will block the view into the area.

This phase is scheduled to last into October and will undoubtedly impact fall migration birding in this area of the North Woods. However, path systems around the area will be open that will provide adequate access through the North Woods. Entrances which will be blocked during Phase 2  include Spring Bank Arch, the wood chip path from the 102 cross drive,  and the wood chip paths that go into the Loch from the wildflower meadow area and the Green marble bench.

Showing the closed-off area of Phase 2, and which paths will be closed and which will remain open (yellow remains open)..

Caroline Greenleaf
Director of Community Relations | Woodlands Advisory Board | Central Park Conservancy