Ramble Construction Phase 1 ends Week of April 17 April 24, 2017

Revision April 9:

Hello Everyone:

I know so many people are waiting anxiously for the gates to open to the Gill, especially after my announcement last Friday. Unfortunately, I am writing with news of a delay. The contractor encountered unforeseen difficulties and has informed us that opening the area this week will not be possible. It has been pushed to next week.

All I can do is apologize profusely. It is very disappointing for us as well, but I am really sorry that I set everyone’s expectations only to have to announce this.

We are of course hoping for gates to open early in the week. I will keep you posted.

Our sincere apologies, and thanks.


April 7:

We received news about the restoration work and closures of the Ramble from Caroline Greenleaf, of the Central Park Concervancy.

"The Gill restoration will  be completed the week of April 17th and the fence will be coming down during that week."

"We do have one more construction phase in the Ramble. We planned the Gill work around migration. The next phase is in the eastern part of the Ramble, which usually has fewer birders and areas where migrating birds might be. It is not great to have any area fenced off during migration, but our hope that is that construction in the area that is going to be restored next will be the least impactful.  I am attaching a map of the next phase which will commence shortly after the Gill is open. We worked with Lee and reps from the Linnaean to make sure the feeders would remain accessible."

Revised map showing the splitting of the next phase of Ramble path restorations into two separate projects.

Yellow line = Paths to be reconstructed
Phase 2 = Green shading
Phase 3 = Yellow paths not shaded

Dotted black line = Phase 1 and 2 perimeter fences

Birders' names for "hot spots" added by Anders Peltomaa

Caroline Greenleaf
Director of Community Relations | | Woodlands Advisory Board | Central Park Conservancy