2017 Field Trip Observations

2017 Field Observations

Contributed by LSNY Members

Please send in your field observations, with or without illustration, for review and publishing to info@linnaeannewyork.org

List of 2017 Field Observations:

Greenwood Cemetery with Rob Jet — 9/23/2017

Registrar: Barbara Saunders (thank you Barbara)

Bird List for Greenwood Cemetery 1 9/232017
Canada Goose Hairy Woodpecker  Black-and-white Warbler  
Double-crested Cormorant Northern Flicker   Common Yellowthroat  
Great Egret  American Kestrel   American Redstart 
Osprey  Merlin   Cape May Warbler  
Northern Harrier  Monk Parakeet  Northern Parula  
Sharp-shinned Hawk  Eastern Wood-Pewee   Magnolia Warbler  
Cooper's Hawk  Empidonax sp.   Black-throated Blue Warbler  
Broad-winged Hawk  Eastern Phoebe   Palm Warbler 
Red-tailed Hawk  Red-eyed Vireo  Pine Warbler  
Ring-billed Gull Blue Jay Brown Creeper  Yellow-rumped Warbler  
Herring Gull House Wren   Chipping Sparrow 
Rock Pigeon Ruby-crowned Kinglet   White-throated Sparrow 
Mourning Dove Swainson’s Thrush   Scarlet Tanager  
Chimney Swift American Robin  Northern Cardinal 
Belted Kingfisher  Gray Catbird   Rose-breasted Grosbeak  
Red-bellied Woodpecker  Northern Mockingbird  Baltimore Oriole  
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker   European Starling  American Goldfinch
Downy Woodpecker Cedar Waxwing   House Sparrow

Ft. Tilden 1 with Gordon Lam — 9/9/2017

Registrar: Lori Lam (thanks very much Lori)

Bird List for Ft. Tilden 1 9/9/2017
Northern Gannet  Mourning Dove Swainson’s Thrush (deceased)
Double-crested Cormorant Chimney Swift American Robin
Osprey Ruby-throated Hummingbird Gray Catbird
Northern Harrier Downy Woodpecker Northern Mockingbird
Cooper's Hawk Northern Flicker European Starling
Red-shouldered Hawk  American Kestrel Cedar Waxwing
American Oystercatcher Merlin Black-and-white Warbler
Black-bellied Plover Eastern Wood-Pewee Common Yellowthroat
Killdeer Eastern Phoebe American Redstart
Ruddy Turnstone Great Crested Flycatcher Black-throated Green Warbler
Sanderling White-eyed Vireo Song Sparrow
shorebird sp. Red-eyed Vireo Eastern Towhee
Laughing Gull Blue Jay Northern Cardinal
Ring-billed Gull American Crow Baltimore Oriole
Herring Gull Tree Swallow  Red-winged Blackbird
Great Black-backed Gull Barn Swallow House Finch
Common Tern House Wren American Goldfinch
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  
Other Species Lists for Ft. Tilden 1 9/9/2017
Butterflies:   Dragonflies: Reptiles: 
Black Swallowtail Green Darners Ribbon snake
Orange Sulfur Black Saddlebags 
Cabbage White Twelve-spotted Skimmers Crustaceans: 
Common Buckeye Ghost crab

Staten Island Nesting Birds – Purple Martins Plus with Howard Fischer — 7/8/2017

Registrar: Karen Asakawa (thanks Karen)

Bird List for Staten Island Nesting Birds – Purple Martins Plus 7/8/2017
Surf Scoter* Common Tern American Robin
Double-crested Cormorant Forster’s Tern Gray Catbird
Great Egret Mourning Dove Northern Mockingbird
Little Blue Heron Chimney Swift European Starling
Black-crowned Night-Heron Ruby-throated Hummingbird Common Yellowthroat
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Belted Kingfisher Yellow Warbler
Wood Duck Downy Woodpecker Chipping Sparrow
Mallard Willow Flycatcher Northern Cardinal
Surf Scoter Eastern Kingbird Indigo Bunting
Osprey Warbling Vireo Red-winged Blackbird
Bald Eagle Northern Rough-winged Swallow Common Grackle
Red-tailed Hawk  Tree Swallow Brown-headed Cowbird
American Oystercatcher Barn Swallow Baltimore Oriole
Killdeer Bank Swallow Orchard Oriole
Herring Gull House Wren American Goldfinch
Ring-billed Gull Carolina Wren House Sparrow
Great Black-backed Gull Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  

*This male bird has been off the flats for at least a week, seen by many observers.

Eastern Long Island Spring Specialties with Eric Salzman — 6/4/2017

Registrar: Regina Ryan (thanks Regina)

The aim is to find Eastern Long Island specialties and the trip usually begins at the Shinnecock Inlet, works its way all the way west on Dune Road and then goes upland in the afternoon. This year followed the traditional pattern although the Dune Road part of the trip ended up at Pike’s Beach and the nearby bay overlook. Cupsogue Beach Park was omitted for many reasons one of them being that the Shinnecock part of the run took a lot of time and another reason being that someone’s car had to be pulled out of soft sand; luckily a young Coast Garder who was passing by in his truck came to the rescue. The upland part of the trip was a visit to the EPCAL (ex-Grumman) grasslands, still one of the most beautiful areas out here and one of the most outstanding sites for birdwatching but severely threatened by Riverhead Town's ambitions to develop and expand its commercial operations there.

Bird List for Eastern Long Island Spring Specialties 6/4/2017
Double-crested Cormorant Western Sandpiper Eastern Bluebird (EPCAL)
Great Egret Ring-billed Gull American Robin
Snowy Egret Herring Gull Northern Mockingbird
Little Blue Heron (2 flyover Moriches Bay) Great Black-backed Gull Gray Catbird
Black-crowned Night Heron Common Tern European Starling
Glossy Ibis Forster’s Tern Yellow Warbler
Mallard Least Tern Prairie Warbler (h EPCAL)
Osprey Black Skimmer Common Yellowthroat
Northern Harrier (EPCAL) Mourning Dove Eastern Towhee (h EPCAL)
Red-tailed Hawk Chimney Swift Chipping Sparrow (EPCAL)
American Kestrel Northern Flicker Field Sparrow (EPCAL)
Clapper Rail Willow Flycatcher Grasshopper Sparrow (EPCAL)
Black-bellied Plover Eastern Phoebe (nr EPCAL) Song Sparrow
Semipalmated Plover Great Crested Flycatcher (Line Rd. nr EPCAL) Baltimore Oriole (h EPCAL)
Piping Plover Eastern Kingbird (EPCAL) Eastern Meadowlark (EPCAL)
American Oystercatcher Red-eyed Vireo (# by River Rd. nr EPCAL) Red-winged Blackbird
Willet Blue Jay Common Grackle
Ruddy Turnstone American Crow Boat-tailed Grackle
Sanderling Fish Crow House Sparrow
Dunlin Barn Swallow House Finch
Semipalmated Sandpiper Tree Swallow (EPCAL)  

Doodletown with Paul Keim — 5/20/2017

Registrar: Anne Lazarus (thank you)

Bird List for Doodletown 5/20/2017
Canada Goose Yellow-throated Vireo Cedar Waxwing
Wood Duck Warbling Vireo Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Mallard Red-eyed Vireo Tennessee Warbler
Wild Turkey Blue Jay Northern Parula
Black Vulture American Crow Yellow Warbler
Turkey Vulture Common Raven Chestnut-sided Warbler (h)
Red-tailed Hawk Tree Swallow Blackpoll (h)
Black-billed Cuckoo Northern Rough-winged Swallow Cerulean Warbler
Yellow-billed Cuckoo Barn Swallow Black-and-White Warbler
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Black-capped Chickadee American Redstart
Red-bellied Woodpecker Tufted Titmouse (h) Ovenbird (h)
Downy Woodpecker Carolina Wren Louisiana Waterthrush
Pileated Woodpecker (h) Eastern Bluebird Common Yellowthroat
Eastern Wood Pewee Wood Thrush (h) Hooded Warbler
Eastern Phoebe Swainson's Thrush Canada Warbler
Great-crested Flycatcher American Robin Scarlet Tanager
Eastern Kingbird Gray Catbird  
Butterflies for Doodletown 5/20/2017
Spicebush Swallowtail Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Cabbage White

Bashakill State WMA, Sullivan County, NY with John Hass — 5/14/2017

Registrar: Dale Dancis. We also want to thank our registrar Dale Dancis for her excellent work organizing this trip.
Participants: John Suggs (driver), Kathy Drake (driver), Gordon/Lori Lam (driver), Anne Lazarus (driver) Louise Fraza, Gina Goldstein, Sandy Paci, Dale Dancis, Miriam Rakowski, and Sandra Maury
Weather: Chilly am, 40 degrees Fahrenheit then upper 50’s pm, sunny and calm

Our leader, John Haas spotted and showed us many birds that are specialties of Bashakill. We saw Bank Swallows sitting on the wires, Broadwing Hawks flying with a Red-shouldered Hawk, Common Gallinules, Yellow-throated Vireos and so much more. We learned to identify the structures of beavers and muskrats. Miriam Rakowski spotted a Barred Owl, which was deep in a conifer tree. Sandy Paci spotted a Pileated Woodpecker. Our list speaks for itself.

Trip changed from Saturday, May 13, 2017 to Sunday, May 14, 2017 because of rain.

Bird List for Bashakill State WMA 5/14/2017
Canada Goose Eastern Kingbird Black-and-white Warbler
Wood Duck Yellow-throated Vireo Common Yellowthroat
Mallard  Warbling Vireo American Redstart
Wild Turkey Red-eyed Vireo Cerulean Warbler
Turkey Vulture Blue Jay Magnolia Warbler
Osprey American Crow Yellow Warbler
Bald Eagle Tree Swallow Chestnut-sided Warbler
Red-shouldered Hawk Bank Swallow Black-throated Blue Warbler
Broad-winged Hawk Barn Swallow Pine Warbler
Red-tailed Hawk Black-capped Chickadee Chipping Sparrow
Common Gallinule Tufted Titmouse White-crowned Sparrow
Mourning Dove White-breasted Nuthatch Song Sparrow
Barred Owl Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Swamp Sparrow
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Veery Scarlet Tanager
Red-bellied Woodpecker Wood Thrush Northern Cardinal
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker American Robin Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Pileated Woodpecker Gray Catbird Red-winged Blackbird
Least Flycatcher Ovenbird Common Grackle
Eastern Phoebe Louisiana Waterthrush Brown-headed Cowbird
Great Crested Flycatcher Northern Waterthrush Baltimore Oriole

Jamaica Bay (E & W West Ponds & Gardens) with Richard ZainEldeen — Saturday 7/29/2017

Weather: The forecast was for rain but it held off after a few sprinkles at 9:00 am.  It was quite windy and in the 70s.
Participants: Dale Dancis, Sandra Maury, Anne Lazarus, Miriam Rakowski, Ann and Philip Ribolow, Jean Pettibone, and Kathleen Howley. Three cars.

Bird List for Jamaica Bay 7/29/2017
Canada Goose Great Black-backed Gull American Robin
Mute Swan Common Tern Gray Catbird
Gadwall Forster's Tern Northern Mockingbird
American Black Duck Double-crested Cormorant European Starling
Mallard Great Blue Heron Cedar Waxwing
Rock Pigeon Great Egret House Sparrow
Mourning Dove Snowy Egret  House Finch
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Little Blue Heron American Goldfinch
American Oystercatcher Green Heron Northern Waterthrush
Least Sandpiper Black-crowned Night Heron Yellow Warbler
Semipalmated Sandpiper Yellow-crowned Night Heron Eastern Towhee (h)
Short-billed Dowitcher Glossy Ibis Song Sparrow
Spotted Sandpiper Osprey Northern Cardinal (h)
Greater Yellowlegs Peregrine Falcon Red-winged Blackbird
Willet Tree Swallow Boat-Tailed Grackle
Lesser Yellowlegs Barn Swallow American Crow
Laughing Gull House Wren Fish Crow (h)
Ring-billed Gull Marsh Wren (h) Tracks - of Northern Raccoon
Herring Gull Carolina Wren (h)
Butterflies for Jamaica Bay 7/29/2017
Cabbage White Eastern Tailed Blue Common Buckeye
Checkered White Spring/Summer Azure Monarch
Orange Sulphur Red Admiral Broad-winged Skipper

Riverside Park Drip Sit with Ken Chaya — Friday, 5/12/2017

Weather: 50’s. No registration.
We mourn the passing of Geoffrey Nulle, who initiated the Drip Sit.
We want to thank Ken Chaya for volunteering his time to lead the Riverside Drip Sit from 9 to 11 am. Birds are drawn to the water at the drip. In just two hours 20 bird species appeared at the drip and two more species were seen in the woods adjacent to the drip.

Bird Riverside Park Drip Sit 5/12/2017
Rock Dove Veery Northern Cardinal
Red-bellied Woodpecker American Robin Baltimore Oriole
Red-eyed Vireo Gray Catbird American Goldfinch
Blue Jay Northern Parula House Sparrow
American Crow Yellow-rumped Warbler Black-throated Blue Warbler*
White-breasted Nuthatch Ovenbird Common Yellowthroat*
House Wren (h) White-throated Sparrow  

*In adjacent Woods

Prospect Park in April with John Suggs — Saturday, 4/15/2017

Weather: Partly sunny, cloudy am, mid 50’s to mid-60’s Fahrenheit
Registrar: Dale Dancis
Participants: Dale Dancis, Sandra Maury, Anne Lazarus, Miriam Rakowski, Ann and Philip Ribolow, Jean Pettibone, and Kathleen Howley

This trip involved extensive walking and many lovely sightings. We walked from Lincoln Road to Parkside Ave. area and back north. We saw many Pine Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers and Palm Warblers. Ann Ribolow spotted a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher high in a tree. John, our leader, pointed out a Rough-winged Swallow among the Tree and Barn Swallows. The Prospect Park Osprey, spotted by Dale Dancis, made several appearances. The two Snow Geese have not left Prospect Park Lake. We finally found our way to the Boathouse for lunch, but not for long. We rushed to the Rustic Arbor on the Lull Water to see a cooperative Prairie Warbler. Our next destination was a Louisiana Waterthrush. John made sure we saw it. Then we went to the Pool to see several Wood Ducks. Another goal was the Green Heron, which Ann Ribolow spotted in a distant tree. Jean found our one Hermit Thrush for the day. We saw repeats of the many previously-seen warblers. We continued our journey, and John with his sharp ears and eyes found a difficult to see Eastern Towhee. While we were enjoying more looks at Palm Warblers, Miriam found a Blue-headed Vireo high in a tree. Eventually, we ended the trip. While en route to Grand Army Plaza exit, John spotted a flock of Cedar Waxwings and Chipping Sparrows. Those final sightings concluded our Prospect Park Bird Walk.

We want to thank our excellent leader, John Suggs and our excellent registrar, Dale Dancis.

Bird List for Pospect Park 4/15/2017 >
Mute Swan Rock Pigeon Northern Mockingbird
Snow Goose Mourning Dove European Starling
Canada Goose Red-bellied Woodpecker (h) Cedar Waxwing
Wood Duck Downy Woodpecker Yellow-rumped Warbler
American Black Duck Northern Flicker (h) Pine Warbler
Mallard Blue-headed Vireo Prairie Warbler 1
Northern Shoveler Tree Swallow Palm Warbler
Ruddy Duck Northern Rough-winged Swallow Louisiana Waterthrush 1
Double-crested Cormorant Barn Swallow Eastern Towhee
Green Heron Blue Jay Chipping Sparrow
Black-crowned Night-Heron American Crow Song Sparrow
Osprey Black-capped Chickadee White-throated Sparrow
Red-tailed Hawk Tufted Titmouse Northern Cardinal
American Coot White-breasted Nuthatch Red-winged Blackbird
Laughing Gull Ruby-crowned Kinglet Common Grackle
Ring-billed Gull Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Brown-headed Cowbird
Herring Gull Hermit Thrush House Sparrow

Staten Island: High Rock, Midland Beach & Clove Lake with Howard Fischer — Sunday 4/2/2017

Weather: 40 degrees am to 60 degrees Farenheit pm, wind 5-10 mph, sunny
Registrar: Anne Lazarus
Drivers: Anne Lazarus and Judy Rabi
Participants: Mary Beth Kooper, Lenore Swenson, Louise Fraza, Dale Dancis, Miriam Rakowski, and Gina Goldstein

We started the walk at High Rock and were greeted by several Rusty Blackbirds and Eastern Phoebes. We climbed the hill to Pouch Camp where we saw two Ring-necked Ducks and other water birds. This area attracted Golden-crowned Kinglets, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Downy Woodpeckers plus many other bird species.

Our next stop was Midland Beach. Our leader, Howard Fischer, spotted at least three hundred Northern Gannets foraging in the ocean. He directed our attention to Horned Grebes, Red-throated Loons, Red-breasted Mergansers and other water birds. A Great Egret flew over the beach, initially spotted earlier by Mary Beth Kooper.

Our final stop was Clove Lake to look for a Louisiana Waterthrush. Judy Rabi spotted the bird. This bird was very cooperative. We also saw Fox Sparrows and another Great Egret, plus many more species.  We scanned the nest of the Great Blue Heron with our binoculars.

We want to thank our excellent leader Howard Fischer for leading and teaching us about the birds of Staten Island, Anne Lazarus for registering this trip, and Mary Beth Kooper for her lovely photographs.

Bird List for Staten Island 4/2/2017
Brant Herring Gull Brown Creeper
Canada Goose Great Black-backed Gull Golden-crowned Kinglet
American Black Duck Rock Pigeon Carolina Wren
Mallard Mourning Dove American Robin
Ring-necked Duck Red-bellied Woodpecker Northern Mockingbird
Red-breasted Merganser Yellow-bellied Sapsucker European Starling
Red-throated Loon Downy Woodpecker Louisiana Waterthrush
Horned Grebe Northern Flicker Fox Sparrow
Northern Gannet Eastern Phoebe Song Sparrow
Double-crested Cormorant Blue Jay White-throated Sparrow
Great Egret American Crow Dark-eyed Junco
Turkey Vulture Fish Crow Northern Cardinal
Sharp-shinned Hawk Tree Swallow Red-winged Blackbird
Cooper`s Hawk Black-capped Chickadee Rusty Blackbird
Red-tailed Hawk Tufted Titmouse American Goldfinch
Ring-billed Gull White-breasted Nuthatch House Sparrow

Great Egret by Mary Beth Kooper

Louisisana Waterthrush by Mary Beth Kooper

Ring-necked Ducks by Mary Beth Kooper

Brooklyn Southern Coastal trip with Peter Dorosh — 3/25/2017

Registrars: Kathleen Howley, Anne Lazarus
Participants: Drivers: Peter Dorosh, Anne Lazarus, Susan Axelrod, Isabel Conte, and Ryan Goldberg. Passengers: Angie Co, Richard Payne, Dale Dancis, Louise Fraza, Kathleen Toomey, Hilary Salk, and Miriam Rakowski.
Weather: 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, occasional rain, wind 5-10 mph.

Visited Marine Park, Floyd Bennett, Coney Island Pier, 35th St. Coney Island from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, distance covered ~4 miles

Despite clouds, intermittent rain raw, chilly weather, we saw 70 species of bird, under the masterful leadership of Peter Dorosh. We began our walk at Marine Park where we were greeted by our first Eastern Phoebe. Kathy Toomey immediately spotted Wood Ducks, and she made sure we all saw the ducks. They were obscure, not easy to see. We then scanned the area for other water birds, and saw many duck species, including Greater Scaup, one Lesser Scaup, (Peter can tell Lesser and Greater apart under all conditions.) Green-winged Teals, Gadwall, American Black Ducks, Mallards Hooded Mergansers, spotted by Miriam Rakowski, Buffleheads and Northern Shoveler. Ryan Goldstein, Angie Coe and Richard Payne sighted a Wilson’s Snipe, which flew into the marsh grasses. Suddenly Peter called our attention to the Eurasian Wigeon, a year bird for almost all of us. We had our last looks at the American Tree Sparrow before it departs from our area. The Ospreys were back at the nest. We can thank Susan Axelrod for spotting the Killdeer when it landed in a sandy patch in the marsh grasses, and also for spotting several American Oystercatchers. 

Our next stop was Marine Park. Our first exciting bird was a Red-shouldered Hawk. Peter identified the hawk and explained to us the salient characteristics. He took us to the best places to see raptors, and we saw five American Kestrels, Northern Harrier, Red-tailed Hawk and Osprey. Peter also found an Eastern Bluebird. We enjoyed observations of two singing Field Sparrows, Carolina Wren Song Sparrows and more.  Our leader knew where the Horned Larks like to forage, and we were not disappointed.  They were accompanied by two Killdeer. The cricket field attracted 13 more Killdeer. At the bay we were entertained by Horned Grebes, some almost in alternate plumage. Common Loon, Red-breasted Merganser, Bufflehead were among the water birds there. After lunch we took off to Coney Island Pier.

Almost immediately, we saw flocks of Long-tailed Ducks in alternate plumage. We saw a male Surf Scoter. To my surprise, an Iceland Gull appeared in my scope. It was in the water with other gulls. It then flew with the other gulls and put on a show. Other water birds included Common Loon, Northern Gannets, Bufflehead, Red-breasted Mergansers and Double-crested Cormorants.

Our final stop was 35th St at Coney Island to see the Red-necked Grebe. Peter quickly spotted the Red-necked Grebe, and drew our attention to it. We kept following it with our scopes and binoculars. Also, we saw a Laughing Gull, a sign of spring. We enjoyed fascinating observations of about 150 Northern Gannets. Our attention was then drawn to the jetty, a perfect place for Purple Sandpipers, and we were rewarded. We had great looks at three of them plus a bonus of three, close Red-throated Loons. It was time to go home after an exciting day of birding.

We want to thank Peter Dorosh for his excellent leading and for teaching us how to identify difficult birds. We want to thank Kathy Toomey for spotting, identifying birds for showing them to us in her scope and for her lovely photographs. We want to thank our registrars, Kathleen Howley and Anne Lazarus for organizing the trip. We want to thank all the participants for also spotting birds, driving and making this trip happen.

Bird List for Brooklyn Southern Coast 3/25/2017
Brant  Double-crested Cormorant x Blue Jay 
Canada Goose  Great Blue Heron 4 American Crow 
Wood Duck 8 Osprey  Fish Crow 
Gadwall  Northern Harrier  Horned Lark 9
Eurasian Wigeon 1 Red-shouldered Hawk Tree Swallow 
American Wigeon  Red-tailed Hawk  Black-capped Chickadee 
American Black Duck  American Oystercatcher  White-breasted Nuthatch 
Mallard  Killdeer 16 Carolina Wren 
Northern Shoveler  Purple Sandpiper 3 Eastern Bluebird
Green-winged Teal Wilson’s Snipe 1 American Robin
Greater Scaup  Laughing Gull 1 Northern Mockingbird
Lesser Scaup 1 Ring-billed Gull x European Starling 
Surf Scoter 1 Herring Gull  American Tree Sparrow
Long-tailed Duck  Iceland Gull 1 Field Sparrow 2
Bufflehead  Great Black-backed Gull Fox Sparrow
Hooded Merganser Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)  Dark-eyed Junco
Red-breasted Merganser  Mourning Dove  White-throated Sparrow
Red-throated Loon 3 Red-bellied Woodpecker  Song Sparrow
Common Loon  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  Northern Cardinal
Pied-billed Grebe  Downy Woodpecker  Red-winged Blackbird
Horned Grebe  Northern Flicker  Boat-tailed Grackle
Red-necked Grebe 1 American Kestrel 5 Brown-headed Cowbird
Northern Gannet 150 minimum estimate Eastern Phoebe 4 House Sparrow

Central Park with Richard ZainEldeen — 3/4/2017

Long-eared Owl by Anders Peltomaa

Registrar: Kathleen Mathews
Participants: 12
Weather: Sunny, 30 degrees Fahrenheit, calm

We had fun viewing the typical wintering birds of Central Park. We observed the water birds and land birds and were ready for a break at the Boathouse. Just as we were about to sit down for a hot beverage and snack, Richard announces that we are to leave and go to the Shakespeare Garden for the Long-eared Owl. We raced to the Shakespeare Garden, and there it was.  We had great looks. We were very quiet as we gazed at the owl and then left. We returned to the Boathouse for our hot beverage and snack. What a grand finale to a lovely bird walk!

We want to thank Richard ZainEldeen for leading such an excellent and exciting trip.
We want to thank Kathleen Mathews for an excellent job organizing this walk.

Bird List for Central Park 3/4/2017
Canada Geese Long-eared Owl European Starling
Mallard Rock Pigeon Fox Sparrow
Northern Shoveler Mourning Dove Song Sparrow
Hooded Merganser Downy Woodpecker White-throated Sparrow
Bufflehead Hairy Woodpecker Northern Cardinal
Ruddy Duck Red-bellied Woodpecker Red-winged Blackbird
Pied-billed Grebe Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Common Grackle
Red-tailed Hawk Blue Jay Brown-headed Cowbird
American Coot Black-capped Chickadee American Goldfinch
Ring-billed Gull Tufted Titmouse House Sparrow
Herring Gull White-breasted Nuthatch
Great Black-backed Gull American Robin

Montauk Weekend with Joseph DiCostanzo — 2/25/2017 to 2/26/2017

Registrar: Dale Dancis
Participants: Kathy Drake, Lynne Hertzog, Lenore Swenson and John Suggs were drivers. Dale Dancis, Judy Rabi, Anne Lazarus, Louise Fraza, Miriam Rakowski, Gina Goldstein, Sandra Maury, Katherine Howley and Alan Drogin were passengers.

Sandhill Crane by Lynn Hertzog

We started our journey at the Coast Guard Station in a dense mist.  A Peregrine Falcon was sitting on top of a tall pole.  We had distant looks at a few Snow Buntings and Horned Larks. Also seen at that site were both Common and Red-throated Loon.  The resident Black Scoter made its usual appearance. We saw 4 Killdeer.  At our second stop, Oak Beach. Joe spotted the female Barrow’s Goldeneye among a flock of Common Goldeneye, and he showed us where to look.  We also saw many Long-tailed Ducks, Red-breasted Mergansers, and a Red-throated Loon.  Joe spotted distant Greater Scaup. 

Common and Red-throated Loo by Lynn Hertzog

Our next stop was Eastport.  There we saw many Greater Scaup, Hooded Mergansers, American Wigeons and many other water birds.  A Belted Kingfisher flew past us.  We explored a nearby pond and had good lucks at Gadwall and other water birds. We then proceeded to Dune Road. The tide was out, and shorebirds were on the sandbars. We saw Black-bellied Plovers, Dunlins, Sanderlings and American Oystercatchers. Also, in that area we saw Common Eiders, but the big surprise was a close and very cooperative Razorbill, spotted by Lenore Swenson. A dramatic moment occurred when Joe spotted the Snowy Owl. There were 2 Boat-tailed Grackles at the Ponquogue Bridge.  We were becoming tired, as the day waned, but were motivated by our next stop, Wainscott Hollow Road. By the time we arrived the fog was returning.  As we slowly drove down the road, Lenore spotted the Sandhill Crane, fairly close in the field. We had beautiful looks through the mist. Also, a Carolina Wren was singing.  We continued on our way to Montauk. We stopped at Fort Pond to see American Coots and Mallards as the day darkened into night.

Iceland Gull by Lynn Hertzog

Sunday morning we arrived at Montauk Point where we quickly saw Black Scoters, Surf Scoters, White-winged Scoters, Common Eiders, Long-tailed Ducks, Red-breasted Mergansers, both Loon species, Northern Gannets, Great Cormorants and the three gull species. I have not mentioned land birds, but we did see Red-winged Blackbirds and American Crow. We saw the same water birds from the Bluff, but many of them were very close. Our next stop was the Montauk Inlet to look for the Black Guillemot, but alas, it was nowhere to be seen, but we had another reward. Joe took us to the west  Lake Montauk Inlet, and spotted another beautiful Razorbill and then to top things off, he spotted an Iceland Gull, and we observed it. Our morning was not yet over.  We went to Ditch Plains.  Our leader led us to the rocks along the beach and showed us the Black-headed Gull among the Bonaparte Gulls. As we walked along the beach to the gulls, Kathy Drake spotted Purple Sandpipers on a different set of rocks.  We watched a Horned Grebe diving for food in Fort Pond Bay.

Our final destination was North Sea Drive in Southold to look for the Townsend’s Solitaire.  We arrived in the afternoon.  It was windy and cold.  We did not see it. We did see Blue Jays, American Crows, and there were two Red-tailed Hawks.  Kathy spotted a Turkey Vulture on route from the car. I had a quick look at it. We thank our excellent leader, Joseph DiCostanzo for an exciting, birding adventure.  We thank our excellent registrar Dale Dancis for organizing this trip.

Bird List for Montauk Weekend 2/25/2017 to 2/26/2017
Brant Common Loon Herring Gull
Canada Geese Horned Grebe Iceland Gull
Mute Swan Northern Gannet Great Black-backed Gull
Wood Duck Double-crested Cormorant Razorbill
Gadwall Great Cormorant Rock Pigeon
American Wigeon Great Blue Heron Mourning Dove
Black Duck Turkey Vulture-car sighting Snowy Owl
Mallard Northern Harrier Belted Kingfisher
Ring-necked Duck Cooper’s Hawk Blue Jay
Greater Scaup Red-tailed Hawk American Crow
Common Eider Peregrine Falcon Horned Lark
Surf Scoter American Coot Red-breasted Nuthatch - Coast Guard Sta.
White-winged Scoter Sandhill Crane Carolina Wren
Black Scoter Black-bellied Plover American Robin
Long-tailed Duck Killdeer Northern Mockingbird
Bufflehead American Oystercatcher European Starling
Common Goldeneye Sanderling Yellow-rumped Warbler - Coast Guard Sta.
Barrow’s Goldeneye Purple Sandpiper Song Sparrow
Hooded Merganser Dunlin Snow Bunting
Red-breasted Merganser Black-headed Gull Red-winged Blackbird
Ruddy Duck Bonaparte Gull Boat-tailed Grackle
Red-throated Loon Ring-billed Gull House Sparrow

Hook Pond, Montauk trip by Lynn Hertzog

Central Park with Richard ZainEldeen — 2/11/2017

Registrar: Nancy O’Keefe
Participants: 11 members of Linnaean Society
Weather: Cloudy, wind calm, 30 degrees F, snow cover, a lovely winter setting
We all want to thank Richard for leading an excellent trip.  We also want to thank Nancy for organizing this trip so well.

Bird List for Central Park 2/11/2017
Canada Goose Ring-billed Gull American Robin
Wood Duck (Halllett Sanctuary) Herring Gull European Starling
American Black Duck Great Black-backed Gull Fox Sparrow
Mallard Rock Pigeon Song Sparrow
Northern Shoveler Mourning Dove White-throated Sparrow
Northern Pintail (Hallett Sanctuary) Red-headed Woodpecker Northern Cardinal
Bufflehead Red-bellied Woodpecker Red-winged Blackbird
Hooded Merganser Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Common Grackle
Ruddy Duck Downy Woodpecker Brown-headed Cowbird
Pied-billed Grebe Blue Jay House Finch
Red-necked Grebe American Crow American Goldfinch
Double-crested Cormorant Black-capped Chickadee House Sparrow
Red-tailed Hawk Tufted Titmouse
American Coot White-breasted Nuthatch

Coney Island Beach & Coney Island Creek Park with Rob Jett — 2/4/2017

Registrar: Regina Ryan 
Participants: Susan Axelrod, Anne Lazarus, Heydi Lopes, Michael Yuan. These are the folks who did manage to handle the cold.
Sadly, more people cancelled at the last minute than actually showed up. Those who did participate had a great day despite the blustery weather.

Coney Island Beach & Coney Island Creek Park Bird List 2/4/2017
Brant  Red-breasted Merganser  large alcid sp. (most likely a Razorbill) 
Canada Goose  Red-throated Loon  Ring-billed Gull 
Mute Swan  Common Loon  Herring Gull 
Gadwall  Horned Grebe Great Black-backed Gull 
American Wigeon  Northern Gannet  Rock Pigeon 
American Black Duck  Double-crested Cormorant  Mourning Dove 
Mallard  Cooper's Hawk  American Crow 
Greater Scaup  Red-tailed Hawk  Fish Crow 
Long-tailed Duck  American Coot  European Starling 
Bufflehead  Sanderling  House Sparrow 
Common Goldeneye  Purple Sandpiper 

Pelham Bay Park with Rob Jett — 1/28/2017

Registrar: Ellen Hoffman
Participants: Ellen Hoffman-driver, Anne Lazarus-driver, Gordon/Lori Lam (driver), Sarah Pollack, Christine Youngberg
Weather: Cloudy, tiny bit of snow flurries initially, 30 degrees F

Bird List for Pelham Bay Park 1/28/2017
Brant Great Cormorant Black-capped Chickadee
Canada Goose Red-tailed Hawk Tufted Titmouse
Gadwall Ring-billed Gull White-breasted Nuthatch
American Black Duck Herring Gull  Carolina Wren
Greater Scaup Great Black-backed Gull American Robin
Hooded Merganser Rock Pigeon Gray Catbird
Red-breasted Merganser Mourning Dove American Tree Sparrows
Common Goldeneye Red-bellied Woodpecker Chipping Sparrow - 1
Bufflehead Downy Woodpecker Fox Sparrow - 5
Red-throated Loon Hairy Woodpecker Song Sparrow
Common Loon Blue Jay White-throated Sparrow
Pied-billed Grebe American Crow
Horned Grebe Fish Crow

Croton Park with Paul Keim — 1/21/2017

Registrar: Anne Lazarus
Participants: Anne Lazarus, Miriam Rakowski, Sarah Pollack, Dale Dancis, Carmais Johnson, Gordon and Lori Lam (driver) and Katherine Romaine Mawson
Weather: Sunny throughout the day, 40 degrees F, winds calm, slight breeze

Screech Owl by Gordon Lam

Red-shouldered Hawk by Gordon Lam

This trip required sturdy hiking boots and stamina.  We walked everywhere, up and down hills, but we had many avian rewards. We want to thank our excellent leader, Paul Keim.  Paul is a naturalist as well as a bird expert. I will thank myself as a registrar, but special thanks to my very little scope through which we observed many birds, and also through which Gordon took his wonderful photographs. Our trip began with the Red-shouldered Hawk, sitting in a tree at the west end of the bridge (entrance to the park). It preened and posed. We walked up the landfill on the north side, and our raptor day began. First we saw a Cooper’s Hawk, then three Red-tailed Hawks, more as we proceeded into the park. We eventually saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Our goal was the Screech Owl and what a lovely bird it is. Next step, the Great Horned Owl in the Pine Trees. Paul immediately spotted it. We saw it, also with the help of the American Crows. We deserved a lunch break, but on the way to the lunch break, Gordon spotted a Merlin in the picnic area.

After lunch we went up the land fill and saw more Red-tailed Hawks and the China Praying Mantis egg case. As we descended we saw an American Kestrel and Turkey Vultures, but Paul with his knowledge and keen eyes, noticed that one of the birds had long, flat wings and was flapping. He confirmed his observation with the scope. It was an immature Bald Eagle. We learned to look more carefully and notice details. Not over yet. As we approached the bridge a Common Raven flew by us. We then piled into Gordon’s and Lori’s car (three people had left early) and went to the end of the road at the train station and saw Common Mergansers, far away and Black Ducks. That was the end of the wonderful trip. No need to exercise. This trip was quite aerobic at times.

Bird List for Croton Park 1/21/2017
Canada Goose Killdeer (h) Black-capped Chickadee
American Black Duck Ring-billed Gull Tufted Titmouse
Mallard Herring Gull White-breasted Nuthatch
Canvasback (from train, Ossining) Great Black-backed Gull Carolina Wren (h)
Greater Scaup (from train, Ossining) Rock Pigeon American Robin
Bufflehead Mourning Dove Northern Mockingbird
Common Merganser Screech Owl European Starling
Turkey Vulture Great Horned Owl American Tree Sparrow
Bald Eagle (Immature) Red-bellied Woodpecker Song Sparrow
Sharp-shinned Hawk Downy Woodpecker White-throated Sparrow
Cooper’s Hawk Hairy Woodpecker (h) Northern Cardinal
Red-shouldered Hawk Blue Jay Red-winged Blackbird (h)
Red-tailed Hawk American Crow American Goldfinch
American Kestrel Fish Crow House Sparrow
Merlin Common Raven

Other species

China Praying Mantis by Gordon Lam

China Praying Mantis egg case on a stem. This species is invasive and crowding out our native Praying Mantis species

Jones Beach: West End Beaches and Camman’s Pond with Richard ZainEldeen — 1/14/2017

Registrar: Miriam Rakowski
Participants: Camille Cubello (driver), Anne Lazarus (driver), Katherine Romaine Mawson, Dale Dancis, and Barbara Saunders
Weather: 30 degrees F, sunny am, cloudy pm, winds, mild to slightly breezy. Due to a severe snow storm, this trip was rescheduled from Sunday, 1/8/2017 to Saturday, 1/14/2017. We did not bird Point Lookout, because the weather was becoming threatening in the afternoon.

We all want to thank our excellent leader, Richard ZainEldeen and our excellent registrar, Miriam Rakowski. We also thank Barbara Saunders for her beautiful photography, our drivers and participants, all of whom contributed to a successful experience. We saw five species of shorebirds, including excellent looks at Purple Sandpipers. The male Surf Scoter very close to the shore was a surprise. Our reliable Black Scoter at the Coast Guard Station swam very close to the Boardwalk and posed for photographs. The Snow Buntings put on a wonderful show at the West End 2 parking lot. The Lapland Longspur was with a group of Horned Larks in the swale. Some of us enjoyed seeing it. We scurried from the swale to the jetty where we were greeted by perhaps over l,000 Dunlins sitting on the jetty, with their heads tucked in. How we wished they would raise their heads!

We noticed that the weather was changing. Dark clouds were rolling into view. Richard then led us back through a path in the Dunes. We were rewarded as we completed the walk with beautiful sightings of American Tree Sparrows. After a brief lunch, Richard made a wise decision to skip Point Lookout and make a short stop at Camman’s Pond. At the pond we enjoyed close looks at Hooded Mergansers, N. Shovelers, Gadwall and Black-crowned Night Herons. Ultimately, we did drive home in a snowstorm, but we had our day!

Bird List for Jones Beach: West End Beaches and Camman’s Pond 1/14/2017
Brant Red-tailed Hawk ( from car ) Red-breasted Nuthatch
Canada Goose Black-bellied Plover American Robin
Gadwall   (Camman) American Oystercatcher  Northern Mockingbird
American Black Duck Sanderling European Starling
Mallard Purple Sandpiper Yellow-rumped Warbler
Northern Shoveler (Camman) Dunlin Northern Cardinal
Surf Scoter Bonaparte Gull American Tree Sparrow
Black Scoter Ring-billed Gull Snow Bunting
Long-tailed Duck Herring Gull Song Sparrow
Bufflehead Great Black-backed Gull Dark-eyed Junco
Hooded Merganser (Camman) Rock Dove Lapland Longspur
Red-breasted Merganser Mourning Dove Common Grackle
Red-throated Loon Downy Woodpecker American Goldfinch
Common Loon Horned Lark House Finch
Black-crowned Night Heron (Camman) Tree Swallow ( 1 ) House Sparrow
Yellow-crowned Night Heron (Camman) Black-capped Chickadee
Northern Harrier Tufted Titmouse (Camman)